Download Scan Save

What's Scan Save?

Scan Save is an application for iOS and Android smartphones.

With Scan Save you can recommend your favourite places to your friends in Facebook and Twitter and get some nice rewards for doing it.
It’s simple and you can use it in many places, like restaurants, bars, fashion stores, cinemas and so on.







How it works

Step 1

Download Scan Save

Download Scan Save from the App Store or Google Play Store and find the available rewards and locations around you.

Step 2

Scan the code

Visit one of our locations and scan the QR-Code with the Scan Save scanner.

Step 3

Choose your reward

Choose one reward you want to receive for you recommendation.

Step 4

Create your recommendation

Choose if you want to post or tweet in Facebook or Twitter and create your recommendation with a text and if you want your own picture.

Step 5

Post / Tweet it

Now it’s time to share it with your friends.

Step 6

Get your reward

Show the staff the confirmation screen and get your reward.

Check our video

Support Scan Save

Test it: Scan this code and share Scan Save to your friends


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– Have a high standard in personal appearance
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